The Return of Jakub Šural: A Game-Changer for Zbrojovka Brno’s Success

How important it is to have Jakub, football Zbrojovka finds out, to whose lineup defender Jakub Šural returned after several months. The recovered leader of the defensive ranks played in the last three duels, and Brno won all of them. The last time, the twenty-seven-year-old player crowned the performance with the winning goal on the ground of the Spartan reserve.

Šurala has been missing from Zbrojovka since April this year. The absence of the club’s protégé was one of the reasons why Brno failed in the rescue mission. His combativeness and zeal were noticeably missing from the team, so the team under the command of the then coach Hašek was once again one competition lower. “Brno was not a worse team in the matches. Maybe the supports were missing at the back, Kuba Šural was injured.” said the sports director immediately after arriving in Zbrojovka Zdenek Psotka.

The sports director’s words are now being fulfilled in the second league as well. So far, Zbrojovka, which longs for an immediate return to the elite, has fumbled in terms of games and results. After four games, she had just four points. But after the return of the injured Šural to the lineup, the Brno football players got up. They succeeded in the cup match in Ždírc nad Doubravau, at home they dealt with Chrudim and finally turned the game around in the last ten minutes of the game with the Spartan reserve. The winning goal was scored by a returnee to the lineup, when he headed Gasszczyk’s cross into the net.

“It didn’t really occur to me that we were winning since I came back to the starting line-up. But I’m glad it’s like that and it’s settling down a bit,” described Šural after the match, who started in the stopper pair next to Lukáš Endl.

The Brno regular, who has never played in another club, hopes that the team will now rise and confirm the role of the favorite of the national league. But he himself admits that the presentation of football by the South Moravians is far from ideal. Especially in the first half, the fans of Zbrojovka were sore from the play performed by Klusáček’s wards, and they could be glad that the Spartan youngsters did not take advantage of their chances.

“I hope it will get better and better as we play more games. I am happy that we are already winning, even if we have to improve our performances. I think that sometimes it might not be enough for a turnaround,” said the oldest official player of the South Moravian team, who can be happy that he agreed with Šural to extend his contract until 2025 even before the relegation.

Friday, August 18, 2023, 8:16 p.m. Soccer

The footballers of Zbrojovka from Brno succeeded in the preliminary game of the sixth round of the second league on the ground of Spartan B, when Řezniček and Šural scored goals at the end of the match to turn the game around and win 2:1. Brno won its second win in a row and after an embarrassing start is rising…

Strengthening for two months

With the return of Šural and Štěrba, the Brno squad experienced changes. After two months, the Brno defenders released Martin Toml, who transferred to Chrudim. At the same time, Toml was supposed to be one of the pillars of the defense. Before the season, the former Pardubice player arrived as one of the main reinforcements. In the end, however, he did not live up to expectations.

“Lukáš Endl remains, and in addition there is young Jirka Hamza, who also looks good. Even with that in mind, Martin’s workload would not be what he deserves and would like, which is why we agreed on his departure to Chrudim.” sports manager Psotka explained the transfer on the club’s website

The footballers of Zbrojovka Brno have a new reinforcement. The Guinean midfielder Kamso Mara, who last worked in Liberec, joins the team of the ambitious second league team. The 28-year-old player with experience in European cups and the national team has signed…


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