The Retired Legends: The Closure of an Era for the BBC and MSN Tridents

Los time change shape inevitableto the speed of light and without truce some. But history is written and the memories of a wonderful period, with her. The output of Neymar of the PSG with destiny Arabia, It has been the closure of an unforgettable stage for those who at the time were the best players on the planet.

The Kings of the world

Bale, Benzema, Cristiano. Messi, Suarez, Neymaror what is the same, the BBC and the MSNreached their peak in Barça y Madrid. In between 2013 y 2018these two trident they terrorized Europe mercilessly. Different in many things but united by a voracious hunger capable of devastating everything.

Those who until very recently they were kingsnow take a step to the side. An opportunity for those Destined to mark the future of football. A legendary tale of two center forwardsof the extremes and two absolute geniuses. Something to remember.

Chronology of an exodus

December 30, 2022is the starting point of this great golden retreat. Cristiano Ronaldo signed for him Al-Nasr and left the old continent behind, after more than 20 seasons in the elite and with 38 years.

December 31, 2022, Luis Suárez signs for Gremio, Brazil. After having played in Netherlands, England and Spain having won it all, he said goodbye to Europa after 15 seasons. Has 36 years

January 9, 2023, Gareth Bale decides to hang up his bootscon 34 years. The Welshman fulfilled all his dreams, at least in football.

The 8 months that changed everything

June 6, 2023, Karim Benzema says goodbye to Real Madrid after conquering Europe five times and with 35 years. Saudi Arabia It would also be his destiny, specifically the Al-Ittihad.

June 7, 2023the genius of Rosario signed by the team David Beckhambeing in force World Champion and with one of the most complete showcases in the history of this sport. Now him Inter Miami you can enjoy it with 36 years.

August 15, 2023end of this story on the continent, to start another in more unknown lands. Neymar leaves the city of light and love to join the oil cityhe Al-Hilal It’s your new team, with 31 springs.

The BBC in numbers

Bale, Benzema y Cristiano were together for cinco seasons. It all started with the arrival of wales express in the summer of 2013 and ended with the signing of the Portuguese for the Turin Juventus. The 2018 Champions League final was the last match that the three disputed. the last of the 13 titles that they harvested

BBC numbers

A trident powerful, fast and one killing machine al kickback. Bale y Benzema contributed speed, force y quality. Ronaldo simply I had it all. He contributed the 56%of the goals (249) that compute all three together (442).

Goal by Cristiano Ronaldo (0-3) in Bayern 0-4 Real Madrid

Together they achieved three Champions followed with Zidane at the controls they also gave 191 assists from 2013-2014 to 2017-2018. Yes ok Gareth Bale was the most irregular (more of 28 injuries during his stay in Madrid), his determination in important moments will never be forgotten.

MSN in numbers

Also called the “Three Barça tenors“due to their successful alliance, they were front further Europe goalscorer during the three seasons in which they coincided. Luis Enrique was the perfect conductor for them. They scored goals of all colors.

MSN numbers

Unique footballers who They blended in and out of the field., as if they had come out of the same womb. He Barça did not come down from 160 goals per course thanks to their excellent chemistry. Nine titles in three seasonsincluding the triplet of 2015.

Messi’s goal (0-1) at Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona

364 goals y 211 assists they gave the team from the 2014-2015 to the 2016-2017. Their great connection is reflected in the 124 assists what happened among them. They even went so far as to distribute the penalty shootout.

The Legacy of the Tridents

Said the great Johan Cruyff at the time that “two roosters cannot be in the same henhouse“. Neymar had just landed in Barcelona in the year 2013. They didn’t just come in of thebut they did three and right in the best teams in the world.

The BBC and the MSN showed that six stars can work together and also succeed in alliance. It will certainly not be for lack of egoni de quality.

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