The Federation convenes an “urgent” meeting to assess the situation

Pedro Rocha, acting president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), has summoned the presidents of the territorial divisions tomorrow “urgently” to analyze the serious crisis that Spanish football is experiencing. Luis Rubiales has been banned for three months by FIFA and the Spanish Government has initiated the procedure before the Administrative Court of Sport for him to be suspended next week for serious misconduct.

One of Rubiales’ last decisions was to appoint Pedro Rocha, president of the Extremadura Federation, as sole vice president. That made her his successor in case of disqualification, as has happened.

As it is a meeting of territorial presidents, the presence of the three Basque leaders who have resigned as directors of the Federation is expected. They are Javier Landeta, from the Basque Federation; Kepa Arrieta, from Alavesa; and Manu Díaz, from Guipuzcoana. Iñaki Gómez Mardones, from La Vizcaína, is the only one who has not resigned, although he is very critical of Rubiales. “We left the board, but we continue to be presidents of the territories and there we must be defending our organizations,” says one of them.

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The agenda for Monday at 4:00 p.m. in Las Rozas is limited to indicating that there will be an “analysis and evaluation of the current situation and evaluation of the decisions or actions to be taken.”

The presidents of the territories are the great power of the Federation. Having the majority support of them is key to winning the presidency. “I don’t think we’re still talking in terms of succession to Rubiales,” says one of those summoned tomorrow.

For the moment, Rocha loosens ballast with Rubiales. His first decision was to withdraw the Federation’s controversial response statement to the Federation’s Jenni Hermoso. The second has been to urgently summon the presidents of the territorial ones.

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