The Era of Advertising Ambassadors is Over, Says Procter & Gamble Executive

But will that continue for the Swiss in his future as a sports pensioner? A real advertising professional has serious doubts about this: Loïc Tassel, European head of Procter & Gamble, sees poor opportunities for such deals in the foreseeable future. In an interview with the “Handelszeitung”, Tassel declared the age of advertising ambassadors to be over.

The Swiss himself was once the face of one of the P&G brands and appeared in commercials for Gillette for a long time. But according to Tassel, there will be no repeat of this collaboration in the future. “Of course, that doesn’t go against Roger Federer, for whom I have infinite admiration,” said the P&G Europe boss.

The reason is rather that advertising has to work differently today than it used to. “What worked two decades ago to win men’s hearts doesn’t work today,” said Tassel. A strong ambassador as the face of a brand no longer has the same radiance.

“Back then, a renowned brand ambassador was usually the best way to put a brand in the spotlight. It’s more effective today if you rely on the next-door guy,” says Tassel, explaining the change in advertising. “Today it’s about communication from man to man, about equality, closeness and brotherhood.”

So far, this has not diminished the popularity of Swiss as an advertising space. The 41-year-old acts as a marketing ambassador for UNIQLO in particular. This contract alone is said to be worth around CHF 300 million over a ten-year period. The tennis legend also cooperates with Rolex, Mercedes and Swiss tourism.

However, Tassel leaves a back door open for a possible Gillette comeback with the tennis legend. «It is quite possible that the respected ambassador will return in a few years. At the moment, however, communication at eye level is the right one. Roger Federer doesn’t work anymore.”

2023-08-09 13:16:00
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