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The formation of skills and competencies required by global companies that reach Mexico with nearshoring must be accelerated. “It is very good news that investments are arriving and for this reason, the training of personnel they require must be accelerated, since they are more sophisticated, digitized and modern knowledge.”

This was expressed by Fernando Bermúdez, director of Corporate Relations at ManpowerGroup, who pointed out that with nearshoring or relocation, 9 out of 10 global companies plan to invest in manufacturing facilities in their locality or abroad, as they seek to reduce the risk of chains supply with alternative means.

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He said that this was what was detected in the “Nearshoring and Talent in Mexico” study, of this world leading corporation in solutions for the workforce.

He stated: “Talent knows no borders. Skilled workers are always highly sought after, but today the demand is higher than ever.”

Bermúdez stressed that “Mexico does not start from scratch. What it needs is to reorient and retrain talent to migrate to new positions and activities.”

He also noted that the country maintains its percentage of talent shortages below the global average. 77 percent of employers globally report having difficulty filling the positions they need.

In the case of Mexico, the percentage is 69 percent. “Today we don’t necessarily have enough people with the requirements that companies that come to Mexico are looking for.”

“It is very good news that investments are coming. And for this reason, we have to accelerate the formation of skills and competencies that these companies require, because with more sophisticated, digitized and modern knowledge”, the executive specified.

The ManpowerGroup study also indicates that Mexico also has competitive advantages that make it attractive for the relocation of foreign companies, such as highly qualified talent in certain sectors; sustainable access to on-site and remote talent.

In addition, our country has a stable economic and geopolitical situation and a demographic pyramid with a young population.

He also highlighted that “the manufacturing industry in the north of the Republic and the Bajío, have a level of specialization in automotive, transportation, aerospace, among others.”

However, they are areas where there are also deficiencies in some technical and soft skills. And in some way it is going to push other states where the competencies that are needed exist.

He commented that in addition, global companies plan to invest in their personnel, since 7 out of 10 improve the skills and abilities of their workforce.

The trend in training focuses on specific functions and with a short time for rapid implementation. 49 percent of employers are willing to hire internationally, although 8 percent do not plan to speed this up.

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Fernando Bermúdez affirmed that “the rule today in the labor market is to continue learning to update knowledge”.

We have to think about short, hands-on training and certification courses to fill those skills that are lacking in the marketplace, said ManpowerGroup’s Director of Corporate Relations.

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