The Aragonese Festivals: A Journey back to the Middle Ages in Montalbano Elicona

The Aragonese Festivals: A Journey back to the Middle Ages in Montalbano Elicona

On 19 and 20 August in Montalbano Elicona the Aragonese Festivals return. Now in its forty-second edition, the two days will represent a moment of important historical re-enactment, which will offer the many tourists who visit the village in this period the opportunity to travel back in time and find themselves in the Middle Ages.

The event is organized by the Municipality of Montalbano Elicona with the Association of historical-religious re-enactments and the collaboration of: Pro Loco Mons Albus, Medieval Archers Association, Throwers of axes and knives, Officium Stella d’Aragona Association, Pro Loco Montalbano APS.

The event will begin on Saturday afternoon at 16 in Piazza Maria SS della Provvidenza with the Palio of the districts, during which the participating teams, representing the different districts of the town, will be able to challenge each other in entertaining and enthralling medieval games.

The village, on the other hand, will be the location of the evening event, scheduled to start at 21, with the opening of the medieval trades market and the tavern. A real leap into the past for visitors, who will be able to attend and participate in animation shows with stilts and fire, jester animation, archery, experiential laboratory of medieval flavors, ancient fights. Furthermore, among the typical alleys that lead to the castle, it will be possible to attend falconry and oriental dance shows, listen to ancient cunti or be enchanted by the charm of sorceresses ready to read the future in the tarot cards.

The highlight of the Aragonese festivities is represented by the Medieval Historical Procession, which will start from the Swabian Aragonese castle at 18:00 on Sunday 20 August, to recall the entry of King Frederick III the Great, son of Peter III of Aragon and Constance of Sicily, in “terram et castrum Montis Albani”.

Frederick III had the merit of rebuilding the large royal palace which, on the contrary, Frederick II of Swabia had ordered to be destroyed as punishment for the rebellion of the small Nebroid center against him.

After so many years, the parade of horses also returns to the procession, thanks to the collaboration of the “Etna Valley Equestrian Center”.

“The Aragonese festivals – declares the mayor Antonino Todaro – represent an important moment for Montalbano Elicona, who for 42 years has been able to rediscover his origins and build his own present by looking at the glorious past. The procession is just a way to keep the link with our history and with the territory. My administration – continues the mayor – continues to invest so that historical and cultural tourism becomes a strong point for the country’s economy”.

A choice shared by the deputy mayor and councilor for tourism Fabio Truglio and by the entire municipal administration.

“The Aragonese festivals – asserts the deputy mayor Truglio – represent the most important event among those organized by the municipality of Montalbano Elicona for the purpose of tourism promotion. The unanimous participation of the local associations allows us to better reconstruct the medieval atmospheres. We thank, in in particular, this year, the regional councilorship for sport and tourism led by the honorable Elvira Amata, who supported our initiative”.


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