“That whole soap has done something to that boy”

Willem van Hanegem saw Feyenoord draw disappointingly against Fortuna Sittard in the first game of the new season. The primal Feyenoord player says that the first round of play is the most annoying for a player.

“You’ve been struggling all summer, you know you have to win and things often don’t run smoothly. If winning is not successful, as at Feyenoord, it immediately causes a gnawing feeling for a week. Especially if the opponent was Fortuna Sittard and they played in their own Kuip,” De Kromme told Algemeen Dagblad.

Van Hanegem saw a nasty match. “First of all, the red card for Bart Nieuwkoop, who was a bit unlucky. Then the mediocre game and that weakly whistling referee Rob Dieperink who was mainly busy showing his boss in Zeist that he is not impressed by a full Kuip. That’s how it works there, if you can handle the Kuip or the Arena, then you can continue as an arbitrator.

According to the Feyenoord icon, the team must now be careful not to immediately fail the next match against Sparta and Arne Slot should mainly look at midfield. “Because a lot went wrong there. Too slow pace, too much ball loss, players getting in each other’s way and no creativity. Fortunately, Mats Wieffer was quick to indicate that he is playing badly. Although he could hardly say otherwise, the rest was also bad except for Bijlow, Hancko and Paixao.”

Geertruida also thought Van Hanegem was not doing well and thinks that the failure of his transfer to the Bundesliga has something to do with it. “He saw RB Leipzig, the club where he could have become a millionaire, briefly outclass Bayern Munich 0-3 on Saturday. And then a day later you play 0-0 against Fortuna Sittard. He also seemed physically less fresh than usual, the whole soap has done something to that boy.”

Van Hanegem thought the moment when the supporters waved a scarf for Gerard Meijer was the highlight of the day. “To let an 88-year-old former caretaker of the club know that you are thinking of him, that is quite special.”

2023-08-13 19:23:56
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