Sponsorship Controversy: Iberia Slams RFEF President Luis Rubiales

The last hours in the life of Luis Rubiales have had everything. Nevertheless, if something was missing to happen, it was that the sponsors of the RFEF began to back down after the announcement of non-resignation made by the president of the RFEF in the Assembly held this afternoon.

Iberia has been the first sponsor of the RFEF that has spoken and that he has denounced the situation through his social networks. The airline transport company It has not ceased its activity as a sponsor of the RFEF, but it has given Luis Rubiales a slap on the wrist and regretted what happened.

Iberia has defended that “has always supported and will continue to support talent, sport and Spanish footballwhich is our role as sponsors, among others, of the RFEF”.

However, he has condemned what happened and has communicated that “When offensive situations occur, inappropriate for a developed, modern and egalitarian society like the Spanish one, Iberia supports the appropriate and pertinent measures that must be taken to preserve the rights and dignity of athletes”.

2023-08-25 16:08:52
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