Shocking Incident: Marcelo Accidentally Causes Serious Injury to Luciano Sánchez in Copa Libertadores Match

During the match between Argentinos Juniors and Fluminense in the Copa Libertadores, for the round of 16, this Tuesday, August 1, a shocking scene was witnessed when Marcelo accidentally stepped on Luciano Sánchez, causing him a serious injury that left the entire stadium in shock. complete amazement. Even the Brazilian player himself could not hold back his tears.

In the ninth minute of the second half, a shocking incident occurred during the match in which the Argentine team wins 1-0. Marcelo took the ball and advanced from midfield, but lost control of the ball and when trying to recover it together with Sánchez, his leg hit near the Argentine player’s knee, causing the injury.

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The man from Fluminense, shocked by what happened, let his anguish show as he desperately clung to his head with both hands. The stadium fell silent before the shocking scene, and the medical teams from both clubs quickly ran towards the affected player, trying to help him.

Captain Javier Cabrera, representative of Argentinos Juniors, raised his left thumb as a sign of hope, while the doctors took the injured player to the locker room. His gesture sought to reassure the soccer player’s relatives who were in the audience and who were visibly concerned about the situation.

Subsequently, the Chilean referee Piero Maza was called by the VAR to review the play once Luciano was removed from the field. He only needed to watch a replay to make a decision. He approached the former Real Madrid, putting both hands on his shoulders trying to give some explanation, and immediately afterwards displayed the red one.

According to the latest report regarding Sánchez, the winger was immediately taken to a hospital in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. “Luciano was transferred to the Finochietto Sanatorium for the study of his injury. In the next few hours the medical report will be reported,” said Argentinos Jrs. on their social networks. Finally, the period of for will be between nine to 12 months.

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How long will Luciano Sánchez be injured?

The Argentinos Juniors winger suffers a dislocated left knee, according to the club’s medical report issued after the injury he suffered in the Copa Libertadores. Although the player still has to undergo surgery to specify more details about his recovery, it is estimated that he could be between eight months and a year off the pitch.

Marcelo himself, aware of the seriousness of the incident, burst into tears on the pitch and, after the game, went to the local locker room to inquire about his rival’s condition.

“Today I have had to live through a very difficult moment on the pitch. I have inadvertently injured a colleague. I want to wish you the best possible recovery, Luciano Sánchez. All the strength in the world!”, he later posted on his Twitter account.

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