Scored as an appetizer of the Costa Brava (3-0)

The highlight of Girona’s pre-season is tomorrow evening in Montilivi on the Costa Brava against Lazio. It will be the time to see live, for the first time in the stadium, the three signings made so far Blind, Savinho and Pablo Torre and, who knows if also Artem Dovbyk, with whom the last fringes are still being shaped. A luxurious test of fire against the Italian runner-up who has in his ranks important men such as Immobile, Pedro Rodríguez or Patric Gabarrón, among others, which will serve to see the level of Girona a week before the start of the League.

Earlier, the team had a little snack this evening in La Vinya against Andorra in a match that served to give minutes to the younger players and load the legs a little more. Jastin, Minsu and Manu Vallejo have certified the victory of Míchel’s team. The negative note has been the physical problems of Callens and Jastin.

Last summer Castellanos made his debut with a goal against Andorra. Dovbyk has not been able to make the Argentine’s debut, but who knows if he will debut tomorrow if the club manages to close the last details of his incorporation, which will be done for seven million euros in exchange for 50% of his rights . Meanwhile, today at La Vinya, Jastin shone again and Manu Vallejo took the opportunity to claim his place. The young winger was one of the most outstanding against Andorra, where he showed once again that he has hunger, spark and goals. The man from Lleida was the author of the first goal in a drowsy match that up until then had been dominated by Andorra. Girona, with many tests and with Selvi Clua and Iván Martín in the engine room, had difficulty combining and having the ball. Above, Manu Vallejo and Pau Víctor played very little during the first forty-five minutes. Another of the youngsters, Almena has repeated good feelings from inside the right wing. Leal, in two actions on the right side and Pastor, at the exit of a corner, were about to advance the Andorrans in the best chances of the first half.

Girona took a step forward in attack at the restart. With the line of pressure a little higher, the chances came immediately. First, Manu Vallejo took too long to cross with three finishers. In the following action down the right side, Couto made a death pass to Jastin, after Manu Vallejo let her through, sent the ball into the back of the net. Girona had put in it. The opportunities would continue and Pau Víctor and Manu Vallejo would be about to extend the score. Along the way, Pablo Torre reappeared in place of the injured Callens.

Míchel would dose the men he has tomorrow and only Aleix Garcia, Arnau and Savinho have had minutes. There was still time to see a second Girona goal. And what a goal! Minsu scored wonderfully, after an assist from Manu Vallejo. The Andalusian striker would find his reward at the end of the match, finishing just as a cross from Aleix Garcia was coming, which made the final 3-0.

GIRONA: Fuidias, Couto (d.60, Minsu), Callens (d.58, Pablo Torre), Bernardo, Antal, Selvi Clua, Iván Martín (d.60, Miguel Gutiérrez; d.77, Arnau), Almena (d. 77, Aleix Garcia), Pau Víctor (m.77, Savinho) and Manu Vallejo.

ANDORRA: Lizoain, Leal, Pastor, Alende (m.65, He), Bomba (m.77, Vilanova), Pampin, Molina, Samper (m.65, Bover), Álex Calvo (m.65, Marsá), Álvaro Martín (d.65, Patrick) i Nieto.

GOALS: 1-0, m.53, Jastin; 2-0, m.81, Minsu; 3-0, m.87, Manu Vallejo.

REFEREE: Brull Acerete.

2023-08-05 19:21:34
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