River Plate Adds Mexican Striker Diego Arria to Youth Squad


El Millonario added an international reinforcement for the seedbed: it is Diego Arria, a striker who arrives free from the Third Division of Tigres de México.

The inferiors of the Millionaire added a new face that came from Mexico.

The search for foreign, young soccer players, with projection and possibilities of emigrating to Argentina, is one of the objectives that River has since the scouting work that it has been carrying out in recent times. The Millionaire began to aim at other latitudes and look for opportunities in other countries with a strong soccer culture. Of course, it does so without neglecting the recruitment task that has been carried out from children’s soccer onwards, throughout the country, for almost a decade.

A few weeks ago it was learned that two Ivorian youths who were in Plaza Colonia in Uruguay joined the River Reserve training sessions. Of course they will not be the only new faces. In recent months, an 18-year-old forward arrived from Mexico, who is considered one of the jewels of Aztec soccer, and who has already placed himself under the orders of the teachers to work at the River Camp. Is about Diego Arria Muñoz, youth who arrived from Tigres. In principle, he was on trial for a few months and convinced the millionaire’s scouts.

In River they had already seen it for some time ago. It is that Diego Arria Muñoz participated in the Generation Adidas Cup contest in April 2022. El Millonario, who had just beaten Manchester United in this contest, was eliminated in the semifinals precisely against Tigres de México, after losing 4-2. The new reinforcement of the Greatest played that day against River’s Under 17s.

Who is Diego Arria and how does he play?

Diego Arria Muñoz was born on April 19, 2005, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, in Mexico. He has dual citizenship because his mother was born in Venezuela. He is 18 years old and comes from playing in the Sub 16, Sub 18 and Tercera División of Tigres de Monterrey. There he played more than 40 games and scored 4 official goals, according to the TV Azteca portal.

When highlighting its features, Diego Arria Muñoz can move as a forward and also throw himself a few meters back to play as a midfielder or midfielder on the left. He has an imposing physique, measures 1.83 and weighs 70 kilos. His skillful leg is his right, but he handles his two profiles well. He is already training in River waiting for the authorization and the chance to add official minutes with the Greatest.

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