Richard Gasquet: Reflecting on Victory and Determination in Winston-Salem

Richard Gasquet (after his victory over Marc-Andrea Huesler in the 2nd place in the Winston-Salem tournament): “First of all, I’m very happy to be back. I have participated in many tournaments here and have reached the quarter-finals three times. It is one of the best tournaments. The audience is amazing. The spectators support me. So I want to thank everyone. And yes, I’m 37 and I still have the chance to come here or to the US Open and play. I’m passionate about tennis and that’s why I keep training. Of course, it’s always nice when I win, like tonight. Yes, it’s really humid. It’s very hot. The conditions are difficult, in Winston-Salem as they will be next week in New York, but we have to adapt to them. And of course, it’s summer, but our training must allow us to be ready. It’s important for confidence to have won tonight (against Marc-Andrea Huesler). »

2023-08-22 11:25:18
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