Remembering Judo Master Vittorio Raia: A Legacy of Discipline and Values

Raia, who was also an inspector of the State Police, dedicated his life to transmitting the values ​​of judo to many children.

Mourning in the world of judo in Campania for the death of Vittorio Raia: he was 53 years old. Judo Master a Trentola Ducentain the province of Caserta, Raia he had been a pupil of Gianni Maddaloni and, thanks to the sportsman from Scampia, he has spent his life teaching many kids the discipline of this sport, but also and above all passing on his values ​​to them. The judo master, who was also a state police inspectorhad been struck by an illness a few weeks ago: admitted to the Cardarelli hospital in Naples, Vittorio Raia unfortunately passed away in the last few hours.

Condolences for the death of judo master Vittorio Raia

Between yesterday and today, when the news of his death spread, many people dedicated a message and a memory to him on social networks. Among these is the master Gianni Maddaloni, who shares some photographs with Raia and writes: “Indelible and indescribable friendship”.

Also Marco Maddaloni, son of Gianni, judoka and character also known on TV, wanted to pay homage to Raia. “You’ve always had a particular character, when you came to the gym they said that the two of us understood each other because temperamentally we were similar ‘2 heads of…’ , and I want to have the presumption of believing it!! Have a good trip” Marco wrote on social media.

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