Real Sociedad let slip another victory against a Celta who added their first point

Went with a late goal from Mingueza how the Galician team achieved the prize for their insistence and frustrated the Real society who missed the victory that had been on track with Barrenetxea’s goal from the first minutes.

Domain of the Royal

He Sheriff’s team was superior in the first half, but it was completely blurred in the second, when he did not shoot on goal and only goalkeeper Alex Remiro saved his team from a greater disaster. As happened last Saturday against Girona, the Gipuzkoans took the lead but failed to win at home.

Real Sociedad came out very well, who in minute 2 had their chance with a good header from Carlos Fernández from a corner kick, which Iván Villar cleared with a save.

He Celtawhich presented the news in defense of Starfelt and Manu Sánchez, he started the game with very clear ideas: hold up to Real’s push, recover and look for the back of the Gipuzkoan defense, which allowed him to disturb the local area on a couple of occasions.

However, the clearest opportunity for the Celtiñas came in the 10th minute, in a positional attack, when the young Hugo Sotelo, for whom Rafa Benitez has bet again, crashed into the wood a beautiful right from the front.

As the minutes pass, Real fully appropriated the ball and he linked good triangulations that harassed Iván Villar’s goal, until a mischief by Kubo on the right wing tipped the balance. The precise cross from the Japanese finished off with a header into the back of the Barrenetxea net, which proved Imanol Alguacil right.

Barrenetxea had been crying out for ownership since the final stretch of the previous season. The situation of Oyarzabalwho continues looking for himself after the serious knee injury he suffered, has led Alguacil to apply meritocracy and hand over the left wing to the young player from San Sebastian, who has shown that is with spark and hunger.

In the discount, the Real, superior in the first part, had a new great opportunity, with a subtle shot from Brais Méndez that he hit the right post of the Celtic goal.

Benitez’s tactical change

After going through the booth, Benítez left Sotelo in the locker room and placed Aidoo as third center backa tactical change that seemed to surprise Real, who lost control of the game.

Celta improved a lot and they took possession of the ball and the chances, against a Real that couldn’t play their game and at times seemed too satisfied with the result.

Imanol reacted in minute 78 to counteract Benítez’s tactical change and also set up a pattern of three central defenders, with Pacheco entering and Sola leaving as lane.

It had no effect and Celta, who did not lose faith at any time and seemed superior, insisted on attacking Real’s box until in discount they totally harassed Remiro’s goal, who seemed to be able to do everything. Or with almost everything, because in 94 Mingueza managed to beat the Navarro goal.

Celta thus inaugurates its points box, after last weekend’s defeat against Osasuna, while Real continues trying to start its machinery.

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