Palmaflor Earns a Draw Against Blooming in Professional Division Championship

Palmaflor “scratched” a point last night in Santa Cruz, after ending up drawing 1-1 against Blooming at the Ramón Aguilera Costas stadium, for the closing of matchday 23 of the Professional Division Championship.

The valluno credit continues in the direct relegation zone and drags seven games without knowing the victory between the tournament of all against all and the National Cup.

Joaquín Pérez’s pupils will seek to take advantage of the equality achieved at Tahuichi and come out on top this Friday (7:00 p.m.), when they face Aurora at the Bicentennial Olympic Games in Villa Tunari on date 24 of the League.


After three minutes, Fernando Arismendi generated the first charge of danger in favor of the host, with a right-footed shot that went just wide.

The Uruguayan reached 14 again and was free, but his header had no power and ended with the ball in the hands of the visiting goalkeeper, Javier Rojas.

About 21′, the coach of Celeste from Santa Cruz, Carlos Bustos, and the local fans expressed their reproach against the referee from La Paz, Marcelo Castro, for considering that he omitted violations favorable to Blooming.

The qhochala club hardly disturbed Braulio Uraezaña in the first act. An imprecise shot by José Luis Vargas was his first approach to the rival goal in 35 minutes.

At 51, Gastón Rodríguez shot with his left foot from outside the area and demanded a phenomenal save from Rojas, who kicked the ball into the corner kick.

The local team insisted and managed to score the opening score after 57 minutes, through the Uruguayan after a pass from his compatriot Fernando Arismendi.

However, the VAR judge, Luis Villarroel, summoned the central referee, Castro, to review the play due to a previous violation. The verdict was to invalidate the local conquest before the claim of the Blooming players.

But the host team “quickly” took revenge. There was a Charrúa connection for joy from Santa Cruz: Arismendi assisted Rodríguez and the attacker defined with his left foot to beat Rojas in 62 minutes (1-0).

At 73, César Menacho hit a ball on the right post after Rodríguez’s cross, who had made a high-quality individual play and then came off “touched”.

Before the departure of Arismendi, the visit began to press hard. He arrived with an outside shot from Vargas and a dangerous header from Coronel. Uraezaña responded with solvency in both actions.

In the final minutes (90’+3′), the blue squad tied thanks to an accurate header from Fernando Luna after a corner kick (1-1). The third time was the charm”.

At 96, Villamil lost an incredible goal, which would have meant the local victory.

Palmaflor resisted and scored a point during his visit to Tahuichi, where he had thrashed Royal Pari 3-0 and defeated Oriente Petrolero 2-1.

The slogan will be to keep adding.

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