OnlyFans Model Aliza Jane Reveals Shocking Encounter: Sleeping with Seven NBA Stars Simultaneously

OnlyFans model Aliza Jane comes out with a raunchy confession. She has slept with seven NBA stars at the same time.

In a podcast, the American reports on an eventful birthday. She “celebrated” in Las Vegas in 2020 in her hotel room with seven NBA stars from the Phoenix Suns.

“I had slept with one of the team – and suddenly they were all there,” reports Jane. She is said to be selling videos from that night on her OnlyFans account, earning up to $100,000.

“They all stood around me and I got f***ed,” she laughs. Even a baby is said to have emerged during the night.

But she doesn’t want to reveal who the father is and which NBA stars were involved in the brisk “eight”.

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