NFL Quarterback Who Puts Mayo in Coffee Gets Lifetime Deal with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Will Levis now you have plenty of mayonnaise to put in your coffee.

No, that’s not a typo.

The Tennessee Titans’ rookie quarterback caused quite a stir in 2022 when he went viral after saying he occasionally puts mayonnaise in his coffee.

“I’ve been known to put mayonnaise in my coffee sometimes,” Levis said in a video before taking a sip of his freshly brewed and generously squeezed concoction.

That cup of coffee with mayonnaise led him to sign a lifetime supply contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise on Tuesday.

The company announced the partnership by posting a mock press conference on YouTube, with Levis answering questions about his favorite condiment while sitting in front of stacks of jars of mayonnaise.

“It’s not every day someone offers to make it up to you with mayonnaise,” Levis said in the clip. “I am proud to officially announce that I have signed a lifetime supply of Hellmann’s contract.”

Levis was expected to be one of the top picks in April’s NFL draft after starring at Kentucky. But he fell to the second round, and the Titans selected him 33rd overall. Levis is now in the running to be the Titans’ backup quarterback behind starter Ryan Tannehill.

Levis first revealed his preference for the coffee creamer substitute in a TikTok video posted in 2021 that has nearly a million views. Sitting in a restaurant, his girlfriend offers him cream for his coffee, but he refuses.

‘Oh, so you drink your coffee black?’ she asks.

Duke’s Mayo wants to be the most tattooed mayonnaise brand in the world, so it joined forces with a tattoo parlor in Richmond to offer free Duke’s Mayo tattoos. Nearly 70 people signed up to be tattooed and chose from 40 designs.

“Not quite,” he replies, pouring mayonnaise into his cup and taking a sip.

Levis also has an unusual preference for fruit. Eat whole bananaswith shell included.

Write the contract, Chiquita.

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