Mayor Lee Hyun-jae Works to Improve Walking Trails in Hanam City

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On August 5th, Mayor Lee Hyun-jae, who went on a Benkimarking on the trail of Bukhansan Mountain, posted a video and impressions on his Facebook page. [출처=이 시장 페이스북]

On the weekend of August 5, Mayor Lee Hyun-jae of Hanam went to benchmarking on the Jarak-gil of Bukhansan Mountain. The Bukhansan Jarak-gil is a 4.5km barrier-free road that starts at Silak Children’s Park in Hongeun-dong, passes Hongnok Badminton Court and Samha Transportation Terminus, and ends at Okcheonam. This trail is specially designed for people with walking disabilities, such as the elderly, wheelchair users, pregnant women, and strollers. The entire section maintains a slope of less than 10%, and 90% of the total length is installed with wooden decks to create a nature-friendly walking trail. Posting his impressions along with a video on Facebook, Mayor Lee commented, “Bukhansan Jaraksil is well-equipped with park guards, book cafes in the woods, and hammocks,” adding, “The natural environment is better in Hanam. I will do my best to make it a promenade,” he said. On the same day, Mayor Lee went to inspect the sandy road and water park built along the Han River Ttukbang-gil.

The sandy road along the Hangang River Ttukbang-gil is a representative attraction of Hanam City, which is used by many citizens following the craze for barefoot walking. After one month of construction, in July last year, a sandy road was created on a 4.9 km section that allows walking barefoot. Mayor Lee, on his way to work every day, walks the sandy road along the Han River Ttukbang-gil, listens to residents’ complaints and suggestions, and strives to improve the facilities.

Lee Hyeon-jae, mayor of Hanam, walks along the sandy road along the Han River Ttukbang-gil to work. [출처=이현재 시장 페이스북]

On the last 4 days, I took some time in the morning to find the sandy road. He introduced the citizens’ opinion that ‘it is inconvenient to ride a bicycle on the sandy road’ and said, “To ensure that citizens who use it are not uncomfortable, we will install more foot washing facilities and add more sand to make it the best walking spot in Korea.” Based on the opinions of citizens, Hanam City promoted a reorganization project such as additional sand laying and disinfection across all sections of the sand road. In response to residents’ opinions that walking became uncomfortable due to sand loss due to the long rainy season, additional paving was carried out to create a soft sandy road. In order to alleviate the psychological anxiety of citizens, 250-degree high-temperature steam sterilization was carried out throughout the entire section, and information boards were installed to restrict entry of pets to prevent pollutants such as impurities.

Mayor Lee’s ambition is to develop Hanam into a city with Korea’s No. 1 walking trail and a city with the most satisfying barefoot walking trail in the metropolitan area. In April last year, ‘No. 1 loess trail’ was created in Poongsan Neighborhood Park No. 3 to heal the body and mind of citizens. Along with the creation of a 150m-long circular wet loess trail using the highest quality red loess, convenience facilities such as a foot washing area and a pergola (Western-style pavilion) were also installed.

Hanam Mayor Lee Hyun-jae is walking along the ‘Hanam-si No. 1’ Loess Walkway built in Pungsan Neighborhood Park No. 3 (739 Deokpung-dong, Hanam-si) on April 21. [사진제공=하남시]

Misa Hangang River No. 5 Park Gusan Forest (832 Mangwol-dong) will also be completed soon. Approximately 1km of palm mat promenade and 200m of circular loess promenade will be created, and after construction is completed, the promenade, which was monotonous, will be established as a popular spot in Misa Hangang Park that provides various walking experiences along with the forest by installing additional trails. It is expected that Unlike the loess trails in Pungsan Neighborhood Park No. 3, the loess trails created in Gusan Forest are created as dry loess trails. Reflecting the opinion of experts that the effectiveness of the loess trail is the same as that of wet and dry, the wet loess trail was changed to a dry loess trail.

“In the case of Misa Hangang River No. 5 Park, you will be able to feel the beauty of another walking trail in harmony with the forest,” said Mayor Lee Hyun-jae.

Reporter Lee Kyung-ho [email protected]

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