Marcelo “Mbapérez” Mosqueira, the Paraguayan striker who is on the verge of joining Independiente

He is 22 years old and they compare him with the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. He is the goalscorer for Sportivo Luqueño and the sensation of Paraguayan soccer.

Independiente is still active in the transfer market and is very close to adding his fifth reinforcement. After what were the arrivals of Felipe Aguilar, Mauricio Isla, Alexis Canelo and the return of Federico Mancuello, the arrival of a striker would be closing, since Ricardo Zielinski wants to strengthen his team’s attack.

Marcelo de la Cruz Pérez Mosqueira, 22 years old, is a Paraguayan striker who plays for Sportivo Luqueño and who is the sensation of soccer in his country. In fact, several Argentine teams, such as Huracán, Lanús and Talleres, inquired about the player’s situation and even made offers, but in the end it seems that Independiente will be the one who will keep the player.

Beyond his goals, he has scored 13 goals in 28 games So far in 2023, what has attracted the most attention is his resemblance to the French striker Kylian Mbappé, which earned him the witty nickname of Mbaperez.

Marcelo de la Cruz Perez Mosqueira, better known as Mbapperez.

Julio César Cáceres, an old acquaintance of Argentine soccer with steps through Boca and River, is the current coach of Sportivo Luqueño and explained the origin of the nickname: “Here they nicknamed him Mbapérez. He is similar physically and by his face”. Later, he expressed that he has great potential: “He still has a lot to grow, he is a good player and a great person.”

The striker is the sensation of Paraguayan soccer.

The reality is that his team is going through a bad time from a sports point of view, since it is in the penultimate position of the Closing Tournament and begins to look closely at the averages for not descending. For this reason, from Luqueño they do not want to know anything about getting rid of their figure, but Independiente’s offer would be difficult to reject.

Daniel Rodríguez, president of Luqueño, a few days ago made clear the conditions that must be met in order to release his scorer: “Whoever wants Marcelo must pay his pass in cash and in advance. Despite our Franciscan poverty, we are not in a hurry.”. And he warned: “Every time he scores a goal, his price increases”

In the last few hours from Avellaneda they approached an offer close to a million dollars and, if some details are ironed out, Independiente will acquire 60% of the Paraguayan pass. In this way, Zielinski would have a new card in attack and Mbapérez will be able to take a big leap in his career.

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