Marc Márquez in an interview about his many falls

Something often broke in his body: Marc Márquez crashed in Valencia in November 2022. Image: Picture Alliance

In an interview, Honda rider Marc Márquez talks about how many times he has crashed in his career, how often he takes painkillers and why he can’t let go of the frenzy on the motorcycle.

Mr. Márquez, do you know how many times you have fallen in your career?

Often, very often. I didn’t count it and it’s hard to estimate. But I think it was more than 500 falls.

What was your worst fall?

Mugello, 2013. At the end of the start-finish straight. At about 200 miles an hour, my front wheel locked and when I released the brake I went straight for the wall, so I jumped off the bike to save myself. That was really scary. I can still see the wall when I think back to that time.


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