Kim Klein Lankhorst: From Baseball to Volleyball – A New Arrival in the Bundesliga

Vilsbiburg – pm (08/22/2023) It is quite possible that Kim Klein Lankhorst would have become a really good baseball player. She first tried out this sport when she was young, until she came to volleyball, following family influence. And even if, as the new setter for the Roten Raben says, the baseball glove is still lying around somewhere in the garage at home, the decision to play volleyball feels right in retrospect. The 21-year-old from Groningen, where the later Bayern star Arjen Robben began his professional career, has gradually developed her talent in recent years.

Now she wants to take the next steps in the RabenNest.

Until the summer of 2022, the Neu-Vilsbiburg native was active in her native Netherlands, including with Apollo 8 Borne and the Nevobo project of the national volleyball association. Kim Klein Lankhorst then moved to Cuneo Granda San Bernardo in Italy, which she describes as an important experience; however, she spent (too) much time on the bench there – which is why she decided to take the step she had actually had in mind a year earlier. At that time, the leap into the Bundesliga had not yet worked out – but now it did: When contact was made with Vilsbiburg, Kim didn’t have to think long: “I spoke to Britte Stuut and she said very positive things about the ravens.”

So the 1.78 meter tall player made it into the Bundesliga after all – and the Roten Raben are happy about a promising new signing who is part of the extended squad of the Dutch national team. Kim Klein Lankhorst has big plans in Vilsbiburg, she wants to get into the top 4 in the league with the ravens. “I know it’s ambitious – but I like ambitious goals! Why shouldn’t we be able to do it?” she asks with contagious optimism.

In addition to volleyball, Kim is also interested in a variety of other sports, most recently she was involved in the Tour de France and the Women’s Soccer World Cup. Beyond sports, she is completing an (online) degree in computer science, which she wants to complete as a bachelor’s degree in 2025. Will she actually work in this professional direction one day? Kim Klein Lankhorst isn’t sure yet: “Maybe I’ll do my master’s degree in a completely different subject. But first of all, computer science is the basis for quite a few important topics.” She adds with a smile: “And there are still not too many women who aspire to a job in this field!”

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