Jordan Poole: Targeted and Traded, Warriors Continue to Torment Former Player

Ever since Jordan Poole left the Warriors, no one has done anything about him. The back is frequently lynched by the Californians and it doesn’t seem to be over yet. The GM of the franchise has just added a layer

It is now recorded, Jordan Poole will no longer play under the colors of Golden State. Traded in exchange for Chris Paul, the back has become a Wizards player and it must be said that it relieves a lot of people in San Francisco. After all the confusion in which he was embroiled, JP indeed places himself as public enemy No. 1 in the minds of many influential people within the Californian franchise.

If one would have thought that his departure would make it possible to ease the tensions, it is not so. Since he joined the American capital, the young scorer has seen his former team show no mercy towards him and received countless spades. This relentlessness surprised more than one and it was his father who ended up cracking up responding scathingly to Draymond Green after yet another attack…

The Warriors once again destroy Jordan Poole!

The hatchet does not yet seem buried between Jordan Poole and the Warriors. Mike Dunleavy Jr, successor to Bob Myers as GM at the Dubs, had already spoken about him on several occasions, proclaiming his indifference to his departure. The trader’s decision was apparently easy and recently he decided to add a layer of it to the microphone of NBC Sports :

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Honestly, it was a really easy decision in a lot of ways. I just felt it would make our team better and it gave us flexibility economically for the future, so it wasn’t that difficult for me. It met certain needs and it improved our financial situation so honestly, I didn’t lose many hours of sleep because of this file.

Regarding an upgrade on the sporting level, it is still difficult to express oneself. Chris Paul will obviously bring his paw and has many qualities that Poole does not particularly have, but we must not forget the talent of the neo-Wizard. If things didn’t end well, omitting all the wonderful moments the player and the franchise were able to share would be a mistake.

During the famous last title gleaned by Golden State in 2022, JP3 was among the great architects of each victory. On the playoff campaign, he was thus shooting at 17 points per game with 50% shooting success and was therefore essential. Next season will therefore give us an answer to find out who won this exchange between him and CP3, but one thing is certain, GS has lost a huge talent…

Since leaving the San Francisco Bay Area, Jordan Poole has had no respite. His former frankness chained the pikes and admits not having hesitated for a single second to release him. The revengeful spirit could well push him to over-perform next season…

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