Jaylen Brown Makes History as First Active NBA Player to Join BIG3 League

Jaylen Brown has been a pioneer in the NBA in many ways, such as being the youngest vice president of the Players Association or having the first contract of more than 300 million dollars. Now, the Boston Celtics player made history by becoming the first active NBA player to play for the BIG3.

Brown was part of Team BIG, within the framework of the All-Star Game of the league founded by rapper Ice Cube, in which he coincided with former NBA players Earl Clark, Mike Taylor and Jonathon Simmons along with Franklin Session and Ryan Carter , better known as ‘Hezi God’.

Brown’s rivals, in the match held at the O2 Arena in London, England, were Team 3 made up of Jodie Meeks, Gerald Green, Jason Richardson, Leandor Barbosa, Glen Rice Jr. and Donte Green.

The Boston Celtics guard recorded nine points, five rebounds and two assists in his BIG3 debut. Unfortunately, Brown’s team was beaten 51-42.

Most importantly, Brown played to support the London Youth charity, which aims to support London youth through community organisations. The BIG3 will match the donation of the two-time NBA All-Star.

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What is the BIG3 and how is it played?

The BIG3 is a three-on-three basketball league in which the first team to reach 50 points wins. The game is divided into two halves, but unlike other professional leagues, there is no total timer here, instead there is only a shooting time of 14 seconds. The first half ends when one of the two teams reaches 25 points. Each team has two timeouts, one of 60 seconds and another of 30.

Something unique to this league is the ability to score four points on a single shot. This type of shot is valid only within the designated circles 30 feet from the hoop.

Historic NBA players like Amar’e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Metta World Peace were part of the early seasons.

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