Indonesian Basketball Team Fails to Dominate in International Tournament Ahead of FIBA World Cup – The Indonesian basketball team failed to wipe out all matches in the Indonesia International Basketball Invitational tournament.

This tournament is a test match for the holding of the Basketball World Cup aka FIBA ​​World Cup at the Indonesia Arena, Jakarta on 2-5 August 2023.

In their last match, the Indonesian national team failed to beat Syria with a final score of 76-82 on Saturday (5/8/2023).

In this match, the coach of the Indonesian basketball national team, Milos Pejic, rotated while still appointing Brandon Van Dorn Jawato. Brandon also led the starting eleven, Juan Laurent Kokodiputra, Yudha Saputera, Jerome Anthony Beane Jr., and Marques Tellerr Bolden.

Meanwhile from the Syrian camp, coach Juarez Javier fielded the starting elven, Nadim Issa, Brandon Jerome Peterson, Majd Arbasha, Emiliano Basabe and Hani Adribe.

As the match progressed, Juan Kokodiputra opened the first quarter with three points. This point turned out to open the domination of Yudha Saputera cs.


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