Hard Knocks Comes to 6play: Get an Inside Look at the Jets’ Training Camp

As expected with the announcement of the rights recovered by the M6 ​​group, Hard Knocks lands on 6play.

This Tuesday, the first two episodes of the season dedicated to the Jets are available on the platform. This is a version dubbed and subtitled in French, in this case the one broadcast by beIN Sports.

The opportunity to dive behind the scenes of the training camp of one of the most anticipated teams of the 2023 season.

Episode 3 will be released on August 30. Episode 4 will follow on September 6, and finally the fifth episode on September 13.

As a reminder, 6play will live stream a regular season game every Sunday at 7 p.m. Three playoff matches will then be broadcast on W9, before the Super Bowl on M6.

2023-08-23 07:48:48
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