German Basketball Captain Robin Benzing Praises and Defends Successor Dennis Schröder

Bonn (dpa) – The longtime German basketball captain Robin Benzing has explicitly strengthened his successor Dennis Schröder. “He’s grown up even more.

I played with him for the national team when he was a rookie. Every player has to learn a lot and gain experience. He has matured, he leads the team incredibly,” said Benzing of the German Press Agency about the 29-year-old. Benzing added that a friendship developed between him and Schröder.

Schröder was criticized after harsh words about teammate Maximilian Kleber, who then declared that he would not play the World Cup in Asia (August 25 to September 10). “Of course it was a bit unfortunate. The way Dennis is: He always says directly what’s going on. Sometimes it might be a bit rash, sometimes it should be said a little differently. But I don’t think he meant it badly,” said 34-year-old Benzing about Schröder, who was drawn to the Toronto Raptors after the World Cup.

“In the end it will be measured by the result anyway”

Schröder had criticized NBA professional Kleber, among other things, for not having been at the European Championship last year. The German Basketball Federation (DBB) has declared the issue settled, so in addition to Schröder’s apology there was also a debate.

Benzing said that Kleber could have helped the team on a sporting level. “In the end it will be measured by the result anyway. If it doesn’t work, there will be a lot of griping. Maxi is definitely a very good player. But they did well without him too, »said the former captain with a view to the home European Championship, which ended in bronze in 2022. Benzing’s career in the national team is over, he will play for the second division Gießen 46ers in the coming season.

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