Geila Macià reaches third place in the world youth rope climbing championship

Geila Macià has left a mark on the global and Spanish scene of the rope climbing. Geila has secured the third place in the world junior rope climbing championships.

Geila’s victory takes on even more brilliance when considering her recent winning of the title of junior european champion in climbing. Her tireless dedication and ability to overcome obstacles have led her to excel in international competition and be the only girl in the entire history of Spanish climbing to achieve a medal in a world-class competition.

The junior rope climbing world championships have been held in seoul, South Korea, where weather conditions presented an additional challenge. With 90% humidity and temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius, conditions were not ideal for athletes. The Japanese climbers, more acclimatized to this situation, were able to perform better in the midst of these conditions. Many climbers in the sub 16 category failed to pass the first complicated step of the routeonly four of them made it.

An especially significant victory considering that last year, Geila Macià was forced to withdraw from competition at the junior world championships due to appendicitis that required emergency surgery in Dallas (United States). Her triumphant return reflects her stamina and determination to overcome adversities and pursue their dreams.

Geila Macià has been erected asor the only European and, of course, Spanish climber to secure a place on the podium in this world championship. Despite the fierce competition from Japanese climbers, Geila has shown her ability to compete globally and stand out among the best.

Geila Macià’s achievements not only elevate her name, but also make her an inspiring example for aspiring climbers around the world. Her dedication to her excellence and her passion for her climbing make her a role model to all who seek to push her limits and achieve her most ambitious goals.

In addition, to continue with her amazing journey, Geila Macià is ready to compete in the boulder category on Saturday, August 26. With his track record of success, his participation promises to be another exciting chapter in his sports career. We will see what Geila can offer us after the sporting successes he has had this year.

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