FIFA Disqualifies Spanish Federation President Following Investigation

On Thursday, FIFA began an investigation into the actions of Luis Ruviales, but today the world football’s governing body has announced that it has disqualified the president of the Spanish federation from all activities related to football, both nationally and internationally. “The suspension takes effect today and will initially be for 90 days, subject to an investigation,” FIFA said in a statement.

FIFA has also announced that it prohibits Ruviales or other RFEF representatives from trying to contact Jenni Hermoso. Earlier, the Spanish federation said it had tried to contact Hermoso, but the attempts failed.

With 51 goals in 101 games, Hermoso is the top scorer in the history of the Spanish women’s national team. They were kissed by Ruviales at the awards ceremony after their victory against England in the World Cup final. The footballer stated that such behavior was unwanted by her, while the federation released a fake statement from the player, which said that she wanted a kiss.

Ruviales was expected to announce his resignation as RFEF president, but he insulted Hermoso in a scandalous press conference and announced that a lynching trial had begun against him since his election. It should be noted that Ruviales holds the position of UEFA vice president. If FIFA has imposed a disqualification, then UEFA is silent.

As the scandal gained momentum, all female footballers who won the World Cup announced that they were not going to represent the national team while Ruviales was sitting in the chair of the president of the federation. Soon after the press conference, “Betis” striker Borha Iglesias, who has played two games for the men’s national team, expressed an identical position.

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