Emirati Women Achieve Record-Breaking Success in Sports: Sharjah Women’s Sports Club Conquers 335 Medals in 2022-23 Season

SHARJAH, 21st August, 2023 (WAM) — The wife of His Highness Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairperson of ‘Sharjah Women’s Sports’, Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohamed Al Qassimi, has highlighted that the achievements of Emirati women across the arenas Local and global sporting events during 2022-23 reflect athlete dedication when backed by a clear vision and winning strategy.

The 2022-23 season of the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club has resulted in the conquest of 335 medals in individual and team sports, at local and international level.

Commenting on these achievements, Her Highness said, “Women’s sport has made a significant leap forward in Sharjah, where clubs promote a vibrant culture and institutional sports regulations guide club activities to bring out the full potential of sportswomen. achievements can only take place if they are supported by adequate funding and strategies aimed at nurturing successive generations of top athletes”.

Her Highness also noted, “We have witnessed an unprecedented season, in which our champions have won 335 medals. What we have achieved so far in UAE women’s sports is just one step forward. “an ongoing journey, which we are focusing on in Sharjah in the women’s sports sector. We encourage local institutions to provide more support and sponsorship and expect more commitment from society. We envision that Arab female athletes qualify in all international sports arenas.

Sharjah Women’s Sports Club players concluded their season with an outstanding 335 medals, won in 70 championships, including 51 local competitions and 19 international competitions. Among the awards obtained are 166 gold, 89 silver and 84 bronze medals in eight individual and team competitions, including 32 in fencing, archery and shooting, 21 in karate, 6 in basketball- ball and 2 medals in volleyball and table tennis.

Some of the notable achievements of Sharjah Women’s Sports Club in the 2022-23 sports season include Fatima Al Hossani’s bronze medal in athletics at the Arab Games in Algeria, Amna Al-Awadhi’s national team top score in archery at the Youth World Cup in Ireland. Finally, Yasmin Tahlak broke the air rifle record at 10 meters at the Arab Championship in Egypt and took third place.

This success would not have been possible without the intensive preparation and comprehensive strategies developed by the technical, administrative and medical teams for each match. The club’s management has drawn up clear plans to advance sporting skills and prepare players to compete in the championships. One of these plans was to organize individual and collective courses for all the teams: 19 courses at the local level and 7 at the international level.

The Sharjah Women’s Sports Club’s desire to create Olympic athletes has spared no expense in equipping all of its facilities, preparing athletes to qualify and training management staff in the field of sport. One of the most notable joint initiatives launched by Sharjah Women’s Sports and Sharjah Women’s Sports Club was the Media Appearance Training Workshop for Sports Teams, in partnership with Sharjah Media City (Shams). This workshop familiarized players with the basics of media appearance and the skills they will need to lead impactful media actions, both locally and internationally.

The two entities have also created a new department dedicated to healthcare and sports nutrition, in line with global best practices. The Sharjah Women’s Sports Club department comprises four sub-specialties: Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Mental Preparation & Counseling, led by specialists and experts in the relevant fields to provide the club’s players with holistic training and development. development necessary to succeed in the highly competitive global arena.

Translated by: Gihane Fawzi.

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