El Molinón, impeccable for its premiere: do you know the height and dimensions of the new lawn? And the eight shields of the southern bottom and the motto of the north?

68 days have passed since the beginning of the works for the comprehensive renovation of the El Molinón green. The new grass looks impeccable and around it several people are working on the final touches on the pitch ahead of Sporting’s home league debut. The rojiblancos receive Mirandés tomorrow (7:30 p.m.) after days of special care with the pitch, whose extensive reform, together with that of field 2 of Mareo, was revealed exclusively by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. The dimensions (105×68 meters) are maintained and the grass will repeat the height of 23 millimeters with which it closed last season. Among the new details, the motto “Tradition since 1908” crowns the north end, while in the south the club’s shields have been rehabilitated, with some changes compared to the previous occasion -they have gone from ten, to eight- after an intense debate.

On the left, detail of the motto “Tradition since 1908” chosen by the fans. On the right, the grass seen from the area where the part of synthetic grass that surrounds the entire Gijón municipal playing field begins. | David Cabo.

The good rooting of the more than seven thousand square meters of grass arrived from Portugal has focused the attention of the club in recent days. Everything seems to be going according to plan and although it was contemplated that the team would carry out a training session this week on the scene of tomorrow’s game, caution has finally been chosen so that the green looks in the best conditions against Mirandés.

El Molinón looks green and history

Evolution has been millimetrically measured. Soil moisture control has been carried out to favor the consolidation of the new sod, in addition to using the placement of led lights in shaded corners to help this process. As everything is new, topographical measurements have had to be carried out to remove the paint lines from the field, already impeccable, like the rest. Brand new, the synthetic grass that surrounds the pitch has also been changed.

In the last few hours, work is being done on the reinstallation of the “television u”, the led lights that act as billboards, removed during the works, in addition to carrying out light and sound tests, improved in the last derby and protagonist at times like the performance of Víctor Manuel. As a curiosity, the goals are not yet placed on their place during the matches, but withdrawn a few centimeters further back to also help care for the grass around them. As for the cutting of the grass, cross mowing has been carried out, revealing the classic square-shaped pattern that characterizes many soccer fields.

As for the new motto on the north end, the club thus complies with the phrase chosen by the rojiblanca fans and which it promised to place in this area of ​​the Gijon municipal hall. The phrase is also included in Sporting’s first shirt. Regarding the rehabilitation of the shields that have marked the more than centenary history of the entity, Sporting has chosen on this occasion to stamp the eight “official” on the southern bottom, dispensing with those made to commemorate the 50th and 100th anniversary. It was after meditating on a decision shared with groups such as the Anselmo López Association.

The small facelift of El Molinón lives up to the expectations generated by the fans, who have once again had a tremendous response despite the bad campaign carried out by the team. This week there were more than 18,300 subscribers and the club has already sold more than 1,800 tickets for the match against Mirandés. A good entry is expected to see what may also be the first victory in the championship after the defeat of the Gijón team in their visit to Valladolid on the opening day. Today the offices and ticket offices of El Molinón are open from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to process subscription registrations and ticket sales. Tickets can only be withdrawn tomorrow, from 11 am onwards.

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