“Eh, I didn’t like it”: Rubiales’ controversial kiss to soccer player Jenni Hermoso

Spain has managed this Sunday to be Women’s World Cup Champion thanks to a goal from Real Madrid player Olga Carmona. The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubialeshas clouded the celebration with a controversial gesture.

The winners paraded during the collection of the medals while they received the congratulations of the queen Joythe infant Sofia and the ex-soccer player from the Canary Islands. In these, he appeared Jenni Beautiful. The soccer player hugged Rubiales and he, in a peak of effusiveness, He grabbed the striker’s head and planted a kiss on her mouth.

Later, already in the locker room, Hermoso did a direct on Instagram. At the moment when the player is shown the video of the kiss, he says: “But what do I do? Hey, I didn’t like it“.

In another video, corresponding to a direct from the soccer player Salma Paralluelo, Rubiales is heard announcing in the locker room that, as a reward for their brilliant victory, the Federation would give the players a trip to Ibiza. Before the jubilation of the athletes, the president of the RFEF added: “In Ibiza we celebrate the wedding of Jenni and Luis Rubiales“.

As expected, the controversy has served itself on social networks, and both “Rubiales” and “Jenni” have become trending topic in X –formerly Twitter–.

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