Dynamo Dresden’s Ultras Sell Unique Souvenir: Slaughtered ‘Aue Pig’ for a Good Cause

The anticipation at Dynamo Dresden for the third division start on Saturday (4.15 p.m.) against Bielefeld is huge, the Harbig Stadium is almost sold out. In addition to a guaranteed great atmosphere, the Ultras also have an extra treat ready.

The purple pig is slaughtered!

No joke: The legendary flying object, which was THE attraction at the derby against Erzgebirge Aue seven years ago and has since achieved cult status, is cut into 444 individual parts.

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All proceeds go to FSV Zwickau

The Ultras put each part in a picture frame with a photo collage and sell this souvenir as a unique and limited edition on Saturday in the stadium. Price: 44 euros per piece.

The highlight: All proceeds benefit the large-scale campaign “Football belongs to the fans” – and thus the financially ailing FSV Zwickau. There has been a close fan friendship with the West Saxons for many years.

If all 444 parts are sold – which can definitely be assumed – this results in total proceeds of 19,536 euros.

No coincidence, because the first four numbers form the year of birth of the SGD, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. More symbolism is not possible!

Here the slaughtered purple “Aue-Pig” is pulled out of the garage

Photo: Facebook

The purple “Aue pig” was the laughingstock of April 30, 2016! In the third division derby against Aue, the Dynamo Ultras let a purple pig filled with helium fly over the K block, the Ultras block, in the second half.

The Aue president at the time, Lothar Lässig, even wanted to buy the pig as a lucky charm after Aue scored the 1-1 equalizer almost at the same time and was promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga by winning the point.

But the Dynamo fans didn’t pull out the pig. Instead, they blew up the flying object, which the DFB had “condemned” to ban from the stadium, again for photos in exchange for a donation.

The club got the money to pay off a €20,000 fine that Dynamo received from the DFB at the time, including for the Flugsau. After that it sat peacefully in a garage – until now it was slaughtered for a good cause.

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