Deputy Orlando Martínez Promotes Importance of Sports in Children’s Development at 2023 Summer Baseball Tournament

Deputy Orlando Martínez highlights the importance of sports in the development of children during the start of the 2023 Summer Children’s Baseball Tournament

Bonao, – With great enthusiasm and excitement, the long-awaited Summer 2023 Children’s Baseball Tournament was inaugurated at Play 40th Anniversary of La Salvia, in the community of La Salvia, Bonao municipality. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Orlando Martínez, who is also a candidate for Senator, and highlighted the importance of sport in the comprehensive development of children.

The sporting event brings together the best children’s baseball teams in the region and bears the name of Robert Rosario’s Perikitazo, thus honoring a relevant figure in the world of sport. Prominent personalities from the sports field, including the President of the Baseball Association, Victor Vásquez Sosa, Mayor Dr. Eberto Nuñez and former Major League Baseball player Elías Sosa, came together to celebrate and support this significant tournament.

During his speech, Deputy Orlando Martínez emphasized that baseball not only teaches them to work as a team and strengthen the bonds of friendship, but also instills in them discipline, respect, competitiveness and self-confidence.

The event was presented in a festive and family atmosphere, demonstrating that sport is capable of uniting the community around a common cause. Deputy Martínez is happy with the organizers for his dedication and effort in carrying out an event of this magnitude that contributes to the well-being and development of the young people of the Monseñor Nouel province.

An informative note indicates that with this tournament, Deputy Orlando Martínez continues to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to improve the quality of life in the community, working on projects in favor of education, health, sports and nutrition for hundreds of families. of scarce economic resources.

He appreciates that his work in the Monseñor Nouel province leaves a positive mark on the lives of its inhabitants and outlines him as a relevant figure in regional politics and development. The community is invited to support the talented children and young people who participate in the tournament and to continue promoting children’s sports as a way to build a promising future for the region.

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