Cordovan Point Guard Shines in Argentina’s Friendly Against Uruguay in Pre-Olympic Qualifier

The Cordovan point guard shone in a friendly against Uruguay, in the pre-Olympic qualifier.

The Argentine National Team basketball had an effective production by winning Thursday night by 120 a 71 knew by Uruguay at the Vicente Rosales stadium, in Santiago del Estero, where starting next Monday he will begin to compete in the pre-olympic whose winner will be able to attend the last qualifying stage for the Games of paris 2024.

After the training tour and friendly matches recently completed by Europathose led by Pablo Prigioni They carried out another preparatory match for that competition in which they were to debut next Monday against Panama but the Central American team decided to get off at the last minute.

In this way, the tournament was left with only seven teams. Argentina, the Bahamas and Cuba will make up group A, while Chile, Colombia, the Virgin Islands and Uruguay will share zone B.

Pablo Prigioni and the goal of qualifying the National Team for Paris 2024. Photo: VICENTE ROBLES / AFP.

The national team, consequently, will only debut on Tuesday against the Bahamas. How is it played? The first two of each group will advance to the semifinals and the winner will take a place for the final Pre-Olympic that will take place in July of next year.

In total, there are 40 teams that are going to hunt for the last tickets to try to reach Paris: in addition to the contest in Santiago del Estero, others will be playing with teams from the rest of the world in Nigeria, Turkey, Poland and Estonia.

At this “pre-qualifying” Pre-Olympic for Paris 2024, the Argentine team will arrive sharp, as observed against the Charrúas, in which they showed great effectiveness in three-point shots, converting 23 of 43 attemptswhich marks 53 percent efficiency.

The goalscorer of the Argentine team was the Cordovan point guard Facundo Campazzo with 20 points, making six of his nine 3-point attempts.

Among the most outstanding novelties for the Argentine team is the recovery of the injured Gabriel Deckwho has already joined the training sessions and therefore Prigioni has 14 players for the training sessions that take place at the Ciudad Stadium.

The last preparatory match will take place this Saturday against the under 22 team led by Martín Villagrán and Federico Fernández, who were preparing in Bahía Blanca.

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2023-08-11 14:18:28
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