‘Code 10’ analyzes how and where the mortal remains of Edwin Arrieta have appeared

Pascasio Hinojosa, criminologist, has visited the set of ‘Código 10’ to expose it

With the help of a corporeal, he has shared how he could have sectioned the body and where each of the parts have appeared

The two legs and the pelvis have turned up in a dump; hands and head in the sea

‘Code 10’ has treated in detail the crime that Daniel Sancho allegedly committed. For this reason, the program has analyzed how the body of the victim, Edwin Arrieta, was found. For this, it has had the presence on set of Pascasio Hinojosa, criminologist. With the help of a corporeal, the expert has shared how he could have sectioned the body and where each of the parts have appeared.

First of all, Pascasio has shared why it is important to carry out this analysis of all the wounds and patterns: “In this case It will give us a lot of information about the authorsuch as professionalism, training, experience, intelligence, even on an emotional level”, he began.

Both the legs and the pelvis have appeared in a landfill. On the other hand, hands and head have appeared in the sea. The expert has explained what could be the reason for this distribution: “There is a term called forensic conscience. Within what we can identify of a person, the two most significant features are the head and especially the hands. It is especially striking that has chosen these two parts of the body to throw them into the sea”. As soon as to the torso, it is the only part that has not appeared.

“Within a dismemberment, normally, what science says is that it is done with the intention of it being easier to transport, easier to hide and harder to identify“, he continued talking about the transfer to the landfill. In addition, he added that the way of acting corresponds to “an improvisation”: “He does not know what to do. There may be a person to help you make the transfer“.


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