Coach Antimo Martino’s Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015 Kicks Off Season with Enthusiastic Fan Support and High Hopes

Andrea Bonavita August 28, 2023 10:14 pm


Over a thousand enthusiasts didn’t want to miss the appointment at the Palafiera to embrace coach Antimo Martino’s Pallacanestro Forlì 2.015. The red and white ultras, “Mostri” and “Curva Nord Forlì”, accompanied the presentation by captain Daniele Cinciarini & Co, watching the training with open doors carefully. Choruses also for one of last season’s favorites, Fabio Valentini, but applause also for the members of the Forlì Pallacanestro Foundation. “We will be happy if we have no regrets about the season and we would have given our all”, Cinciarini’s words.

“We’re already in the match mood – coach Martino’s words -. I want to rediscover this enthusiasm also for the whole season. I don’t make promises, but I can guarantee that I will work seriously every day, improve and best represent the shirt we represent”. “To become great, a great team needs a great audience – the incipit of the president Giancarlo Nicosanti -. Last year we did something extraordinary, because it was not foreseen, even if it was wanted. Last year I said that derbies don’t they play, but they are won. And the boys have kept their word. We have the task of filling the arena, but also hoping to be able to say that the finals are won”.

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