Basketball World Cup in Okinawa: Interview with DBB sports director Armin Andres

Armin Andres has been responsible for the German national basketball team since 2014. He explains why he thinks the World Cup selection is the best in the association’s history and why the door is probably closed to Maxi Kleber in the team.

The official’s blue suit stays in the closet, Armin Andres comes in a polo shirt and flip-flops. Wearing a lot of twine is also not advisable, because outside the well-air-conditioned Okinawa Arena, where the German national team’s World Cup games in Japan take place, the temperature is above 30 degrees. Andres, 64, has been with the German Basketball Federation (DBB) since 1979, first as a player and coach, and since 2014 as Vice President of Competitive Sports. He is responsible for the national team and has seen a wide variety of players in recent years. In an interview, he explains why he considers the current selection to be the best in German basketball history, what makes Dennis Schröder special and what else can be expected in this tournament.


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