Are Lazio significantly weaker after losing Savic?

After 8 Serie A seasons in Lazio, Serbian midfielder Sergej Milinković-Savić has formalized his move to Saudi Arabia to wear the shirt of the Al-Hilal club. In recent weeks, the “Sergeant” has accepted an exorbitant 20 million euro contract for 3 years, leaving the fans of the Biancoceleste club in bewilderment.

It is, in fact, the umpteenth top player in the prime of his career who decides to leave Italian and European football to chase staggering salaries. And yet, the footballer has never given the opportunity to delude his fans that his presence in the Italian club would have been eternal. Beyond the reflections relating to the interests that motivated the player to make this choice, we must ask ourselves how Savić’s farewell will impact the quality of the Lazio club in the next championship.

The numbers of the Serbian footballer

Without any doubt, during the last 8 years, Savić’s contribution has been fundamental for Lazio. In fact, the midfielder had a significant impact on his performance at the club, scoring 69 goals between 2015 and 2023. On the pitch, it was a guarantee for all the players, who could count on an action, a back-heel or a sudden spurt with which he was able to realize numerous goal opportunities.

It is no coincidence that the Biancocelesti have deservedly managed to conquer an extraordinary second place in the standings, with 74 points collected in the course of 38 matches played. Now that the Serbian footballer is ready to leave Italy, the managers of Lazio and the president Lotito will have to find a valid replacement capable of maintaining high standards also for the next Serie A championship.

The future of Lazio: the possible substitutes

The club, therefore, will have to deal with the search for a new midfielder who can take the baton from the 28-year-old on the run in Saudi Arabia. The managers of the company, at the moment, can still count on a fairly balanced squad. According to what has been revealed in the course of some interviews, coach Maurizio Sarri’s dream would be Zielinski, who could be removed from Naples before 2024.

In fact, with the farewell of the Sergeant, Lazio have obtained a good 40 million, a budget that would allow them to start the 2023/2024 season on the right foot. Among the possible substitutes who could strengthen the Lazio ranks, one would also think of Torreira, Galatasaray midfielder. Furthermore, negotiations are underway with the Dutch team AZ to obtain the Hungarian Kerkez and Jesper Karlsson. In total, according to the Lazio coach’s opinion, at least 4 signings would be necessary, necessary to ensure that the team maintains high levels of competitiveness, both in Serie A and in major European competitions.

What to expect from next season?

Lazio, led by Maurizio Sarri, concluded the last Serie A championship in an extraordinary way, although they were unable to oust the irrepressible Napoli from the top. It is clear that Milinkovic has represented, for 8 years, a key figure for the success of the team, but as is often said in football: “everyone is useful, nobody is indispensable”.

For the next championship it will be necessary to carry out the right transfer market operations and create a good mix between the players who will make up the new squad.

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