According to an English media, Maradona is the most popular athlete in history, above Messi and other stars

On the eve of the third anniversary of his death, Pelusa was chosen as the most famous athlete in history.

A very frequent question in the world of sports: Who is the most popular athlete of all time? Logically, such a broad premise usually generates discussions and little understanding, but each one is free, according to their own parameters, to put together a ranking. Givemesportan English site, set up its own podium and placed Diego Armando Maradona in the first placement.

To justify their choices, they used the following variables: the impact of each one on their sport and the time, their achievements, and the public’s fanaticism for their image. And they presented a justification for which Diego was chosen as the most popular: “Defending that Maradona is the most popular athlete of all time is not that difficult. His goalscoring tally is not close to that of Messi, Ronaldo or Pelé, with just 338 goals in just over 600 games, but if we add the traditional ‘eye test’, Maradona is the king”.

And they continued: “His skills, his ability to dribble and his ability to alter a game in an instant is what makes him so great. His solo goal against England in the 1986 World Cup is a case in point. The four-time Argentine soccer player of the year, a two-time Scudetto winner with Napoli and a World Cup winner with Argentina is further added substance to the argument. Look how adored he is in Naples and in Argentina. He is a VERY popular athlete!”.

It is that Maradona does not have the number of goals of other footballers, nor the number of titles, but he has memorable moments. The 1986 World Cup in Mexico and his unforgettable goals against England, his fruitful stay in Naples or all his follies both on and off the field are more than logical justifications. For the Argentine public, he will always be remembered -in addition- for standing up for retirees and siding with workersof common men and women, and never forget their humble origins in Villa Fiorito.

How does the ranking continue? Michael Jordan, a six-time champion with the Chicago Bulls and for many the pioneer in generating what the NBA is today, is in second place. “The six-time MVP and 14-time All-Star is often the name most associated with basketball’s GOAT. Although he is often compared to LeBron James, Jordan is statistically better than him, averages three more points per game and has a much higher record.”

And in the third position is located King Pelewho won three World Cups and paralyzed the entire world with his beautiful way of playing. “Many people dispute it, but what cannot be disputed is his pioneering influence on the game of football. Many of the skills, tricks and dribbling seen today in the world’s top talents were invented by Pelé. There is more to see his best moments. He set the tone and established the model for future generations to follow. And no matter what they say about his scoring tally, what cannot be disputed is his record of three World Cups.”marca Givemesport.

For his part, Lionel Messi, the footballer with the most titles in football history and for many the best of all time, was in seventh position. And knowing that this decision could generate controversy, they warned: “Like Ronaldo, many soccer fans will be furious that Messi occupies only seventh place, given his achievements in soccer and the weight of the name of he”

The complete ranking

1) Diego Maradona
2) Micahel Jordan
3) Pele
4) Babe Ruth
5) Larry Bird
6) Roger Federer
7) Lionel Messi
8) Wayne Gretzky
9) Sir Donald Bradman
10) LeBron James
11) Tom Brady
12) Usain Bolt
13) Serena Williams
14) Muhammad Ali
15) Cristiano Ronaldo

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