Yuki Togashi’s Dominant Performance and Growth During South Korea Expedition

Yuki Togashi (PG/Chiba Jets), who was dribbling in the center of the court, waved his hands and gave orders to his teammates with a screaming voice and a demon-like expression.

His appearance tells us that he is the center of this team.

* Position abbreviations = PG (point guard), SG (shooting guard), SF (small forward), PF (power forward), C (center).

Yuki Togashi, who further strengthened his presence in the South Korea expedition See photos related to this article

[Overwhelming speed against Korean opponents]

With the opening of the FIBA ​​World Cup just one month away, the Japan Men’s Basketball National Team traveled to Seoul, South Korea and played warm-up matches against the South Korean national team on July 22nd and 23rd. The above scene was before the end of the first half of the second game.

Throughout the two games, Japan struggled with Korea’s physical performance. Especially in the first match, he was overwhelmed by the opponent with rebounds and lost (69-76). In the second match, although they got their revenge from the start with a spirited play (85-80), the intensity was so high that it was hard to believe it was an unofficial match.

“It was a good learning experience and an expedition that allowed me to grow.”

As HC Tom Horvath (head coach) looked back, it was a switch-on battle for the World Cup.

Among them, Togashi, who is 167 cm tall and small, has been targeted by the opponent on the defense side, but on the offense, he has worked “as expected” to score at “here”.

At the beginning of the second half of the second round, Japan made a series of mistakes and narrowed the lead, and there was a bad atmosphere. However, from there, Togashi scored three consecutive points, such as a basket count play with a layup and a 3P shot with a quick shot from the dribble, cutting off the momentum that was about to lean against the opponent.

“It wasn’t that I was aiming to go by myself, but it was good that I was able to stop the momentum of my opponent once by driving from a mismatch.”

Togashi said so to Aussho, but it was a scene that made use of his unique speed and technique.

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