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An uproar at the Břeclav football club was caused by a vandal who damaged the grass on the field for the local players. He most likely splashed chemicals on an area used mainly by small copalists. A vandal vandalized the pitch for the third time, so the club ran out of patience and announced a reward of five thousand for the discovery of the perpetrator.

To get rid of the yellow-brown spots of dried grass that litter the football field in Břeclav, the local club will spend approximately one hundred thousand crowns. Moreover, the area was not the target of an attack for the first time. A vandal damaged the grass for the third time in the last fortnight, and the management of the football club therefore decided to move to a more drastic solution to the situation.

First, we want to find that dacan, second, we wanted to show what happened. The people who take care of the playground are completely done with it. For two months we put it in a heap so that three hundred youths could train there, and today it is in such a state that” says the chairman of the Fosfa MSK Břeclav club in a video published on Facebook Alexander Hrabal.

On the same recording, he promises a reward of five thousand crowns to anyone who helps the club catch the vandal. “It’s a real thing and I can say for myself that I don’t even know what would happen if I caught him doing it. The case will probably be dealt with by the police,Hrabal continued.

The pitch at the former Slovan stadium is mainly used for the youth selections of MSK Břeclav. Despite the two damaged pitches, the football players are still training. “It mainly hurts our smallest players. We will do everything to ensure that nothing like this happens again.Hrabal added, saying that in Břeclav they are now also working on securing the area.

2023-07-29 15:30:00
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