This was the missed penalty in the discount that sank the Spanish team

England woke up the Spanish under-21 team from the European dream in the cruelest way. With a lone goal, scored by Jones on a rebound, the British scored a brilliant triumph after finishing the tournament without conceding a single goal. They were able to see their goal perforated for the first time in the discount of the final, but Abel Ruiz they failed to beat Trafford in the 97th minute from the penalty spot.

It was Abel Ruiz himself who suffered the fault that the WAS He ended up taking eleven meters, correcting a referee who initially did not want to get wet with the striker’s fall in the English area. The Spaniard was so clear that he remained in pain on the ground even while his teammates insisted on the siege of the rival goal.

After the correction of the video arbitration, which showed the defender hitting the attacker’s foot when he was in the air trying to control the ball, it was the downed man himself who took responsibility for taking the penalty.

The hero was Trafford

In the end, however, it was Trafford who prevailed in the head-to-head and appropriated the heroic action of the afternoon. On the first shot and after the subsequent rebound, as there was a second Spanish shot and even a third, although the latter already went over the crossbar.

The English celebrated with rage, a couple of them even in front of the pitcher, in a very ugly gesture. Thus they released all their tension before unleashing his joy a few moments later when the referee blew his whistle three times.

At the same time devastated Several Santi Denia players collapsed on the pitch. They had been so close that the disappointment was multiplied by a hundred.

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