The ITSS confirms the “inadequate behavior” of ‘Randri’ García in the Alhama CF dressing room


The Social Security Labor Inspectorate (ITSS) has confirmed “inappropriate behavior” by coach Juan Antonio ‘Randri’ García that affected “the dignity of most of the players” of Alhama CF, as indicated on Wednesday by the FUTPRO union.

At the end of April, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ and ‘El Periódico’ reported on the alleged vexatious behavior of ‘Randri’ García with his squad. The club supported him and 17 footballers from the squad issued a joint statement in which they denied any “inappropriate behavior” by their coach, while another five, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed in a statement to Europa Press that they had seen “barbarities” , suffered “harassments” and felt “fear”.

Two and a half months later, the ITSS has expressed itself on this matter. “It has been possible to prove that, on the part of the coach, inappropriate behavior has been carried out that has affected the dignity of the majority of the players (68%), and it cannot be argued that it is aimed at obtaining better performance. by them or is it the usual behavior followed by soccer coaches”, the organization pointed out in a statement provided by FUTPRO.

The labor inspection has verified that this attitude on the part of the coach occurs “with reiteration over time” and that it is directed at the majority of the players. “There is a hostile work environment produced by inappropriate, derogatory, humiliating comments, which entails having created a degrading or offensive work environment,” said the ITSS, which has issued an Infringement Act and “initiated the corresponding disciplinary procedure against Alhama.”

In addition, regarding the controversial photo that was sent by Whatsapp to the players after a victory, the ITSS verified that “it was sent by broadcast list, from the coach’s phone, but by the technical director.”


“FUTPRO condemns any type of conduct that violates the rights of soccer players and from the union we will continue working to protect them from actions that we believe are unacceptable,” warned the union, which stressed that after denouncing the facts denounced before the Higher Sports Council, which It did not enter because it was not within its powers, referring then to League F and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

FUTPRO stresses that the employer has accepted the protocol established in the Collective Agreement, which the union considers “fails to protect” the soccer players, and that it has also declined to “intervene directly in the matter, leaving the soccer players in full vulnerability affected”. “For its part, up to the present date, it is waiting to receive news from the RFEF in relation to the file initiated for possible infringements of the Code of Ethics,” he said.

“The main institutions of the soccer industry in our country and after the clear resolution of the ITSS, affirming that there was negligence and inappropriate behavior on the part of the coach of the Alhama Club de Fútbol, ​​have not taken a step forward to protect the
main protagonists of our league and create a precedent for the future. From our association, all these estates are asked not to look to one side in a problem as important as this and to be an example for all generations,” criticized FUTPRO.

Finally, the union regretted the statement of June 21 from the Murcian team in which it reported that an independent commission had concluded that there was no sexual or gender-based harassment committed by the coach against any of the players.

“We want to express publicly that neither this union nor the affected players have had access to said report as of today, the investigating lawyer and the club itself having refused to do so, despite repeated requests for transparency in this regard,” he said.

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