Talleres Held to a 1-1 Draw against Godoy Cruz Despite River’s Loss

Talleres could not take advantage of the loss of the River striker, who lost to Barracas, and ended up drawing 1-1 against Godoy Cruz de Mendoza at the Mario Kempes stadium, continuing on date 22 of the Professional League Tournament.

The match had the referee Jorge Baliño as the main judge, of correct labor.

With this equality, the “T” was nine units away from the Millionaire, five dates from the end of the championship.

The first goal of the match was made by Uruguayan striker Michael Santos, after 14 minutes for the locals.

The striker Tadeo Allende for Tomba would tie it 38 minutes into the plugin.

Santos’ great goal for Talleres 1-0 against Godoy Cruz:

With his goal, Santos reached 13 goals in the championship and is the tournament’s top scorer along with Pablo Vegetti (Belgrano).

Tadeo Allende’s draw for Godoy Cruz against Talleres:

Talleres faced Godoy Cruz at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium on date 22 of the Professional League. (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

After this Saturday’s game, the Matador will visit Sarmiento de Junín on Thursday, July 6, at 7:00 p.m.

River is at the top of the championship with 50. With this tie, the “T” was nine points behind the leader, with 41.

The same amount as San Lorenzo (beat Central 1-0 this Saturday), then come Lanús (40) and Estudiantes LP (37).

Talleres faced Godoy Cruz at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium on date 22 of the Professional League. (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

workshops vs. Godoy Cruz: the party

Talleres had an interesting start to the game, handling the ball and being deep.

Santos’ goal, after 14 minutes, confirmed all this. The “9” had a movement with all his hierarchy to nail the ball at an angle for 1-0.

Later, the “T” lost the injured winger Ramón Sosa, which was not a minor fact (Francisco Pizzini entered after 26 minutes in his place).

Godoy Cruz gradually reacted and came to bother Guido Herrera on a couple of occasions, who responded efficiently.

What’s more, at the end of the stage the visit could tie it with a header from Pier Barrios that hit the crossbar.

Talleres faced Godoy Cruz at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium on date 22 of the Professional League. (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

The second half seemed like a continuation of the closing of the first.

Talleres had options but it was not quite accurate.

And the Tomba worried with his counterattacks and approaches. He gave the feeling that everything was open, as they came and went with intensity.

Around 30 minutes into the plugin, Santos made it 2-0 with a shot from inside the area that left the crossbar shaking.

The “T” faced the final stretch of the match with that minimum advantage and without being able to stretch the advantage, with a dangerous rival.

Thus, what everyone believed could happen, happened: Tomba found a tie with Allende, former Institute, at 37, when the game had little run left.


Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Tomás Palacios and Juan Carlos Portillo; Rodrigo Villagra and Ulises Ortegoza; Diego Valoyes, Rodrigo Garro and Ramón Sosa; Michael Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

Godoy Cross: Diego Rodriguez ; Luke Maple, Pierre Barrios, Federico Rasmussen and Thomas Galdames; Gonzalo Abrego, Bruno Laws, Tadeo Allende and Hernan Lopez Munoz; Robert Fernandez and Solomon Rodriguez. DT: Daniel Oldra.

Stadium: Kempes. Referee: Jorge Balino. VAR: Salome Di Iorio.

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