Talleres de Córdoba Shocks River Plate with Upset Victory in Copa Argentina Round of 32

River Plate was eliminated in the round of 32 of the Argentine Cup after losing 1-0 to Talleres de Córdoba, which won through Rodrigo Garro’s goal 42 minutes into the first half. El Millonario, who had just won the Professional League title last Saturday, is the third time he has been eliminated in this instance: the previous two were in 2013 against (0-1) Estudiantes de Buenos Aires (First B) and in 2015 against Rosario Central (0-2).

Talleres took an undefeated record from River Plate in the Argentine Cup for more than 8 years, because the last match they had lost on the pitch occurred on July 3, 2015, when they beat them 2-0 at the Bicentenario stadium in San Juan Rosario Central. All other subsequent eliminations by the Núñez team occurred after equalizing during the 90 minutes and in the penalty shootout.

La T, for its part, fought the championship inch by inch, beating River Plate for the second time this year and this time was able to deliver the blow for the federal tournament. In the next instance, Javier Gandolfi’s team will play with the winner of the cross between Colón and Lanús.

Compact final defeat of River Plate with Talleres for Copa Argentina

50′ST: One more is played!

47′ ST: The Chilean Paulo Díaz is reprimanded after an elbow on José Romero who went directly to the area. Enzo Pérez is also reprimanded for protesting the delay in the set of Workshops.

46′ST: Another center by Enzo Díaz who wins at the top Salomón Rondón, just wide.

45′ST: Palavecino tries the personal and from the vertex of the large area he finishes off. Guido Herrera is very well located, which pockets below.

45′ST: Five more minutes are played!

43′ST: Ball for the two tanks, Rondón and Borja, which Guido Herrera anticipates and pockets the ball.

41′ST: Salomón Rondón, in the first intervention since his admission, heads to the side of the goal.

37′ST: Controversy in Mendoza: Valoyes claimed a penalty for an alleged foul by Paulo Díaz. For the referee Fernando Rapallini there was no offense.

32′ST: Valoyes won the diagonal and at full speed passed Paulo Díaz, entered the area and finished off the required cross. His shot went very high.

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