Step back from Aston Martin or growth of rivals

The staff has remained cold after a spectacular start of the Aston Martin in the hands of Fernando Alonso and the matter derives in an analysis. Has the green car run out of steam or have its adversaries grown? The seventh position of the Spanish in Silverstone It was the lesser evil of a great defensive prize, instead of playing attack as the protagonist likes.

The beginning of the course caused a general uproar because Alonso was back at 41 years old, twenty after having achieved his first victory in Formula 1 (that afternoon in Hungary 2003 in which history turned). He made four podiums in the first five races and the full missed him by a second in Baku (Azerbaijan).

But since the race in Barcelona (seventh) the crescendo of the Aston Martin has suffered a reduction. Second in Canada, fifth in Austria after a claim in which he gained a place and seventh in England.

That debate is the focus at Aston Martin. Identifies it Mike Crack, the team manager. «The World Cup is very even, and we have to analyze if any rival can make the leap, see if we have lost or if the others have improved. You have to be cautious and take emotions out of the equation,” he says with the natural mind of engineers, sensitive to data, insensitive to emotions.

“We cannot forget that three weeks ago we were fighting for victory,” recalls Alonso, who has launched a crusade in favor of calm analysis and long lights rather than race by race, game by football game.

“We cannot have ups and downs as if it were football, because this is a very technical sport and it depends on many factors, starting with the characteristics of the circuits,” he pointed out a week ago in Austria.

Pedro de la Rosa He also exposed that long-standing message in the interview he gave to ABC. «What I see from behind gives me great confidence, what is being done with a view to the future. It is not a question of the current results, but the investment for the next years. The new factory, the new wind tunnel, the amount of talent that has been signed to reinforce all the departments.

The theory applied to the summer spectrum of the Aston Martin said that the green car could evolve more and find more aerodynamic points, since the factory had more hours in the wind tunnel than Red Bull, Ferrari o Mercedes by reverse classification from last year, which tries to equalize forces. It doesn’t seem like it was.

“This is the analysis to do, whether it depends on the track or is it the genuine performance of the car. We have long days ahead to analyze. But we have to do it if we want to improve from where we are now. I am confident that we will succeed, “says Krack.

And Alonso returns to his message against the short term. «The analysis has to be done in Abu Dhabi, by the end of the year. We cannot stress if we are seventh or not on the podium. We have to be pragmatic and relax with our performance.”

“We wish we could have done better. We already saw on Friday and Saturday that the rhythm was not what we expected – confirms Mike Krack -. We realized that this weekend should be for damage limitation. The weekend that you are not strong it is about returning home with points. At Silverstone we rely on our strengths, the start and the strategy. It was important to execute it well. And in the grand prix that we were not strong, we leave with more points than Ferrari.

The next grand prix, in two weeks in Hungary, should go in favor of Aston Martin. Few straights, a lot of braking and more slow corners. “I am not very concerned about development. The car is better than we expected, this year we are fighting for things that we never dreamed of at the beginning of the year”, says Alonso.

“We have had long discussions with the drivers, Fernando has a lot of experience and he is helping us a lot in these situations. Also with Pedro, I am confident in finding the right direction”, concludes Mike Krack.

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