speaks of “repression” and will not allow the Police to enter the Libertadores de América

The Board of Directors led by Néstor Grindetti made the decision that security inside the stadium will be provided by a private company.

The defeat in the classic against Boca on Saturday struck hard in the spirit of the fans of Independent. After the match at the Libertadores de América stadium, fans of the Rojo They broke out due to the team’s poor performance and targeted the Board of Directors led by Néstor Grindetti. That was how clashes with the Police took place that left a balance of 11 detainees and six injured troops.

After noon on Sunday, the leadership of El Rojo issued a statement to repudiate the events that occurred after the meeting and announced that they are working together with Aprevide to investigate “the unjustified police repression that occurred in Playón Erico” against members who were in the place.

“From now on we are at the disposal of the intervening Prosecutor’s Office to deliver all the images obtained from our surveillance cameras with the intention of clarifying what happened”reads the statement.

The official statement from Independiente.

And then the club surprises by announcing that it took “the decision that the security inside the Libertadores de América stadium – Ricardo Enrique Bochini be in charge of the private security hired by the institution for these purposes.”

“We continue to maintain that violence is never the way and that the members must be able to come with peace of mind to enjoy a sporting event.”

The official communiqué concludes with an offer of public apologies for the victims. “We make ourselves available to those affected by this preventable incident.”

The Police prevented the fans from advancing from the Playón Erico. Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Aprevide’s position

“We are going to go all out against the violent,” promised Eduardo Aparicio, head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide).

The Buenos Aires body announced that it will contact the leaders of Independiente so that the right of admission is applied to the fans who staged the disturbances on the stadium’s playón.

The police officers, sheltered in the vicinity of the area leading to the conference room, sought to dissuade the fans who were shouting and chanting against the leadership.

They fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters that caused chaos for a few minutes, until calm returned.

Independiente occupies the 24th. position among 28 teams with chances of falling to 26th. according to the results that remain to complete the final day.

With a campaign of 28 points out of 27 games played, with a balance of 6 wins, 10 draws and 11 losses, Ricardo Zielinski’s team is currently only ahead of Vélez Sarsfield (27), Colón de Santa Fe (25), Huracán (22) and Arsenal (19).

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