Shooting in Auckland Rocks OranjeLeeuwinnen Before World Cup

Jackie Groenen at the OranjeLeeuwinnen training Photo: © Orange Pictures

The OranjeLeeuwinnen are shocked by the shooting in Auckland, a few hours before the start of the World Cup. The shooting left several people dead and five injured.

“It’s terrible that things like this happen,” says Jackie Groenen ESPN. “Of course it’s a disaster, especially for the people involved,” said the midfielder. The shooting took place near multiple team hotels. “It was actually the first thing we talked about,” says Kerstin Casparij.

“It is of course terrible, knowing that there are other teams in the area, girls you may know, but also because of the reports that people have unfortunately died. Then it comes close. We are shocked and sympathize with the people who have been in the situation and the relatives,” says the wingback.

Her teammate Julie Blakstad at Manchester City is part of Norway’s squad. The Norwegian team’s hotel is located near the spot where the incident took place. Casparij quickly got in touch. “She’s really one of my best buddies. I immediately sent her a message. It should have been a nice day for them with the opening game. If it had to start like that, I can imagine that it’s terrible. That’s just not what you want.”


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