Russian Athletes Listed Under False Names at Pan Arab Games in Algeria

Several Russian athletes have been listed under false names as part of the Syrian team at the Pan Arab Games in Algeria. The Russian journalist Sergei Lissin named seven athletes from various disciplines on Telegram on Wednesday, who should appear as part of the Syrian team at the international sports event. “We’re in for a hell of a scandal,” Lissin wrote.

The athletes are therefore two cyclists, a judoka, a gymnast, a badminton player, a track and field athlete and a swimmer. The dates of birth of two athletes were also changed to make them younger.

Swimmer Anastasia Sorokina is said to be registered for the competition under the name Enas Sorkine. “Although we do not have sufficient information, the association has initiated a procedure,” said the Russian Swimming Federation.

The Russian Ministry of Sports and other national sports federations also reacted. According to the ministry, two of the athletes, Milana Mugu (judo) and Alexandra Maksimova (gymnastics), are officially registered representatives of the Syrian team with the relevant international federations and are currently not part of the Russian national teams. For the remaining five, the information on the Pan Arab Games website does not correspond to reality, the ministry said in Russian sports media on Wednesday evening. The organizers of the Pan-Arab Games did not initially react to the reports.

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The Pan-Arab Games is an international multi-sport event in the Arab world, taking place in Algeria until July 15. 22 nations compete against each other in 22 sports. Women have participated in the Games since 1985. Russian athletes are banned from participating in many international sporting events due to the Russian war of aggression that Moscow has been waging against Ukraine for over 16 months. In March, the International Olympic Committee cleared the way for the readmission of Russians and Belarusians under certain conditions.

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