River’s Path to Becoming Champion: Talleres’ Match and River’s Chances in the Professional League


Talleres still has to play its match against Unión de Santa Fe and it was also confirmed that on date 25 it will have action before River.

© Getty ImagesWhen does Talleres play and the two chances that River has to be champion without playing

The Argentine soccer championship is almost finished and River has everything to win. He leads his escort Talleres de Córdoba by 10 points and there are only three dates left to play (T has four games left because he only plays on Monday night). The Professional League has already scheduled the date 25 and in The Millionaire Page We tell you all the possible combinations so that the Millionaire becomes champion without playing next weekend.

Waiting for the meeting on Saturday 15 at 7:00 p.m. with Estudiantes in which they will possibly return to the Olympics, Talleres will play on Monday at 9:30 p.m. with Unión de Santa Fe at home and on Friday at the same time as a visitor against Huracán. The people of Cordoba will play twice before River. unusual but real. San Lorenzo, with 0-0 last night, has already been eliminated from the fight for the title.

What has to happen for River to be champion without playing?

-In the event that Talleres loses with Unión, the Millionaire will already be champion regardless of what happens on the next date.

-In the event that Talleres beat Unión and draw against Huracán on Friday, a draw against Estudiantes will suffice for the Millionaire to be champion.

-In the event that Talleres tie with Unión, River will need them not to win against Huracán (that is, to draw or lose against the team led by Diego Martínez).

-In the event that Talleres beat Unión and Huracán, River will consecrate itself if it adds up to three against Estudiantes.

In summary, Talleres has to get 4 of the 6 points that come to him so that River does not go out to the Monumental already being champion. Any other combination less than that, consecrates it to the Greatest without playing by date 25.

What remains for River in the final stretch of the Professional League

Date 25: local vs. Estudiantes Date 26: visitor vs. Rosario Central Date 27: local vs. racing
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